In the 1990's, back on the east coast, I designed a wheel thrown and hand built line of functional pottery to exhibit and sell at the wholesale craft shows put on by the American Craft Council and Rosen Group. The designs, with fully decorated surfaces, did well and when I arrived in Taos I continued to make the work for local retail shows around the state. As my business began to grow in the southwest, I added designs to the line, eliminated the surface decoration and glazed them in solid colors and, to speed up production, began making molds of my forms to slip cast.

Although the wheel throwing is no longer part of the process my designs are cast in parts so that each piece is individually shaped and hand built, giving the designs a one of a kind feel. The pottery is made with a white earthenware clay body and has been fired to a maximum temperature of 1950 degrees. The glaze has been hand brushed with three coats to allow for strong, dense color that still moves fluidly to emphasize form.

The pottery is made to be used every day. Although the dishwasher and microwave are fine, they are hand made pieces and care is needed. Enjoy!